Current Technology Stack : self assessment

Business/Ad Managers are Set up

Pixels/tracking code in place

Basic Analytics(GA etc) in place

Basic Lead Gen framework in place

POS + offline ESP is set up

Online Data Collection systems in place but in silo’s

Basic website and CMS

Customer Care/Call Centre Setup

Key strategic interventions required:

Tool pipeline definition, evaluation and implementation Automated Lead capturing and management
Metric Driven Ad/social Spend Strategy- Set up + Optimization Digital Audience bucketing
Set up funnels
Digitization of offline business
SEO audit + implementation
Advanced Analytics – Customer Journey, Heat maps etc
Stitch offline and online data
Chatbot integration
Emailer/SMS campaign set up + tracking
Ecommerce set up + optimization recommendations
Data Warehousing – Data Cleaning & Enrichment
Basic CDP Setup

Growth Opportunities

Targeting New Audience

AI based Assist

Optimization of Customer

Category wise focus

Know how we can help:

An e-commerce start-up

A B2B company with B2C aspiration

A e-commerce brand Improve efficiencies

A B2C company looking to set up their digital sales

Get measurable goals:

Reduced cost of messaging
Increased customer lifetime value
More engagement
Increase at the same spends