Current Technology Stack : self assessment

Complete Offline-online sales channel integration

Pixels have matured

Offline sales tracking/mapping in place CRM is in place

Basic Funnels are set up and functioning as expected

Emailer and SMS Campaigns are being executed but not tracked

Key strategic interventions required:

Data analysis and data mining
Build single customer views
Personalised marketing experience
‘Next Best Action’ & ‘Quick Wins’
Exploit trigger-based marketing
Leverage data collected across platforms
Remarketing to existing customers
Visitor Bucketing
Insights, trends and recommendations
Leverage data collected across platforms
Sales Funnels optimisation
Email Sequences

Customer Segmentation
Buyer Personal
Defining Customer Journey
Social Media Optimisation
Paid Ads Optimisation
Tool Based Insights and Reporting
CRO Definition setup
Defining Advanced SEO Activities
Finalise Playbook for increasing CLV
Mail/ SMS Campaign Level Touchpoints Setup
Real-time Events Tracking
Advanced CRM Setup
Advanced Tool Analytics

Growth Opportunities

Setting up new business streams

Revenue optimisation for reinvestment

Audience Growth

Personalised Marketing

Know how we can help:

An e-commerce start-up

A B2B company with B2C aspiration

A e-commerce brand Improve efficiencies

A B2C company looking to set up their digital sales

Get measurable goals:

Reduced cost of messaging
Increased customer lifetime value
More engagement
Increase at the same spends