Current Technology Stack : self assessment

Present online, but require improvements

Lack of online data capturing & data digitisation setup

Poor digital presence

Existing systems require upgradation

Lack of marketing tools

Undefined processes

Absence of Analytics, Customer tracking

Key strategic interventions required:

Digital strategy
Lead capture mechanism (lead magnets, landing pages)
LMS set up
UI/UX optimisation
Audience definition
Competitor Research
SEO audit + best practices
Offline audience activation
Social media setup
Ad platform setup
Basic Analytics + Tracking setup

Growth Opportunities

An e-commerce start-up

Creating Mobile Presence

Affiliate mechanism

Loyalty programs

Know how we can help:

An e-commerce start-up

A B2B company with B2C aspiration

A e-commerce brand Improve efficiencies

A B2C company looking to set up their digital sales

Get measurable goals:

Reduced cost of messaging
Increased customer lifetime value
More engagement
Increase at the same spends