Key questions to ask while setting up operations:

What Amazon/ Flipkart model of stock delivery is just right for you?

What should be the pricing strategy, so it does not upset my website and offline sales?

When and where should we hire, partner, and buy a warehouse?

What partners can help you improve your listing, reviews, and positions organically?

Who can handle my Marketplace on turn-key basis?

Who can help me choose the best partner and on what terms?

What should be my content strategy on Marketplaces that aids organic listing?

What tools are right for my kind of business from a medium to long-term perspective?

Key questions to ask while looking at improving your operations:

What is the inventory strategy before the season?

How to reduce the cancellation rate?

How well do we optimise your keywords at what time of the year?

How quick are you to react to your competitive strategy?

My marketplace commission structure leaves me with practically nothing?

What should be your Portfolio management & SKU strategy?

How do we integrate  ERP  with different Marketplace dashboard?

What aggregator software is right for you?

How to improve my efficiency in the marketplace based on data and my customer understanding?

How can you become an efficient global marketplace seller?

Know how we can help:

An e-commerce start-up

A B2B company with B2C aspiration

A e-commerce brand Improve efficiencies

A B2C company looking to set up their digital sales

Get measurable goals:

Reduced cost of messaging
Increased customer lifetime value
More engagement
Increase at the same spends