Social – A tool for customer acquisition:

The concept of social customer acquisition is not just here to stay but it tipped to gain major momentum in the near future. Social customer acquisition is essentially the art of building and maintaining relationships to improve the traditional customer acquisition and retention processes. It’s not restricted to social media, but social media is certainly a good place to start.

Think of social media as the modern form of “word of mouth marketing”. People are talking about your brand on social media, whether you’re listening and engaging or not. But, it’s important to note, your customers really do want you to be listening. Today more than 70% of all customer expect customer service via Facebook alone, but only less than 10% of Indian brands provide it. The cost of not being involved with social media is rising every single day.

There is literally an endless list of social media platforms online. For starters we concentrate on the four most critical Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

Paid/ Performance – A tool for customer acquisition:

Performance marketing as it stands today is a mainstream tool of marketing. In some developed countries it accounts to over 70% of the marketing budget.

Performance Marketing is a combination of paid advertising and brand marketing put together, but only paid out once the completed desired action takes place.

This could be Impressions, Clicks, Engagements, Leads, Sales. We help create, if required your internal marketing intelligence data which is more reliable and cost effective rather than only rely on expensive third party data to create and optimize the marketing funnel. We experiment with un-conventional messages like blogs, brand/ founder messages etc. to shorten the journeys. Our segmentation does not stop at demographics and psychographic but extends to more richer behavioural data and customer mindset data. So, a innovator mindset journey would be very different to a main streamer.

We work with your internal team to build data based conversion strategy’s for both paid and social. Then discuss relevant insights and recommend marketing program for distinct segments. You can then brief your agencies and we will make  sure everything is measured on targeting, optimising, ad fraud etc.  and delivery of results is our responsibility.

Know how we can help:

An e-commerce start-up

A B2B company with B2C aspiration

A e-commerce brand Improve efficiencies

A B2C company looking to set up their digital sales

Get measurable goals:

Reduced cost of messaging
Increased customer lifetime value
More engagement
Increase at the same spends